The Beat Magic Power Plug - Pink

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Meet the Beat Magic Power Plug, the epitome of pleasure and innovation that will redefine your backdoor experiences. Prepare to be enchanted by this exceptional adult toy, carefully designed to bring you ultimate comfort, convenience, and ecstasy. Dive into backdoor exploration without worry, as the Beat Magic Power Plug features a comfortable and secure anchor-shaped base. The design ensures a secure fit, allowing you to wear it for extended periods with ease and confidence. Enjoy the simplest charging possible with the twist-off USB charger. No more fussing with cords – just twist and plug the USB charger into any compatible power source, and your power plug will be ready for action in no time. Take control of your pleasure with the remote-controlled functionality of this plug. The included remote allows you or your partner to dictate the intensity and patterns of vibrations, without ever having to find the button on the toy.

Enjoy the allure of the dark with a remote control that glows in the dark. Perfect for low-light settings, the glowing remote makes it easy to navigate through various settings, giving you the freedom to focus on pleasure. Experience intimate bliss in hushed tones, as the Beat Magic Power Plug is designed with a whisper-quiet motor for complete discretion. Your intimate moments remain private and uninterrupted.