Power Play Silver Bullet

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The power play silver bullet is a beautiful blendof smooth lines, sleek curves, and gleaming silver accents that pack several speeds of vibrating pleasure. The ergonomic controller is easily gripped and effortlessly comfortable in your hand. This powerful silver bullet contains 3 speeds of intense vibration inside a deceptively tiny package. Unwrapping the pleasure within is easy: Just insert 4 AAA batteries and press the silver-framed silicone button to start vibrating your way to pure bliss. Three speeds of vibration allow you to explore and find the one that sends you over the edge with waves of bliss. Feel free to tease yourself and cycle through all three orgasmic speeds for an explosive release. At 2.25 inches long and 1-inch-wide, it’s the perfect size for fun on the go. This sweet, sexy, and powerful little vibe is completely waterproof for fun anywhere that gets you going.