Connexion Series Emma Neo Wand Massager

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Emma Neo is an app-controlled interactive warming wand vibrator, with detachable bunny ears that help stimulate more than just one part of your body! Using Bluetooth technology, the Emma Neo can be synced to the FeelConnect3 app which makes it ideal for creating connection, even at a distance. Part of a new generation of tech-savvy toys, any product in the Connexion Series can be utilized to create interactive experiences with webcam performers and video sites like Pornhub.Multi-functional, the Emma Neo can be used in a variety of ways on any body: Without Ears: External stimulation, Warming massage, and Under the jaw for enhanced oral stimulation. With ears attachment: Full vaginal stimulation from top to bottom with ears spread, Penile stroker, Cup the scrotum for massage, Open under jaw for enhanced oral stimulation, and Wider spread breast stimulation. Made of eco-friendly, body-safe material. Rechargeable. 100% waterproof.