Let's Get Slutty!

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Let’s Get Slutty is a game of 5 brilliantly colored dice that can be played either as a foreplay and
sex play game by a couple, or as a group party game. When playing as a couple, a roller decides
which of the two sets of dice to act out on their lover. The couple plays until someone rolls both
genitals dice on the purple and gold dice. That player wins, and gets to decide on a favorite sex
position as a reward. When playing as a group, players divide into two teams however they wish
and each selects to either be the Blue/Purple Team or the Green/Gold Team. Players take turns
rolling all 5 dice. If the roller wishes to carry out his team’s pairing, he performs it on a
teammate. If he prefers to take the other team’s combination, he performs the action on one of
their teammates. If a recipient wishes to refuse the action another player wants to act out with
them, they exit the game. The team with players remaining after another team’s members have
all resigned, wins the game.