Hunkyjunk Lockdown Silicone Chastity Cage (Clear)

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LOCKDOWN is hünkyjunk’s meaty-thick and weighty chastity toy. We made this one thicker--the rubbery-soft silicone blend is stretchy but restrictive...an erection is difficult in LOCKDOWN. There’s more room inside: LOCKDOWN stretches to fit any size guy, even the huge ones and the sling style base keeps it on--the ball-ring is more substantial so it stays in place. More “head” room drives guys in chastity nuts--they get more sensation, more friction-frustration, but can’t do anything about it. The curve in the shaft makes erections less comfortable, but keeps chastity possible under clothing, 24/7, with more bulge but still discrete.

Dimensions: Width: 1.5 to 2 in., Height: 4.75 in., Depth: 1.5 in., Main Hole Circumference: 4 in., Shaft Hole Circumference: 3 in., and Ball Hole Circumference: 3 in.