No More Boring Dinner Dates

Posted by Beth Darling on Apr 16th 2023

No More Boring Dinner Dates

Dear Beth,

I was looking for a remote controlled vibrator for my wife because we saw one in a movie recently. Then I saw app controlled ones, too. Which do you recommend and why?

Jerry J.

Oh what fun you’ll have, Jerry!

There are so many wonderful ways to have fun with these- whichever way you decide to go.   Since I don’t know your particular circumstances, let me just give you some of the factors that can help you make an informed decision.

Price. This is probably the only advantage of the remote controlled products - they are usually less expensive than app controlled products.

Distance. Remote control products will generally work while you’re in the same room, but app controlled ones can work across the world from each other. (Or just to the office upstairs!)

Convenience. With app controlled products you never have to worry about losing the remote!

Options. Some app controlled vibrators can sync with music, have chat functions in the app; some even pair with another product so each of you can be enjoying at the same time!

If you want to learn more, I encourage you to stop by any of our Sara’s Secret stores to chat with one of our team.  They’re incredibly knowledgeable and will help you decide which style (insertable? Panty vibe?) and brand will be best for you. (They helped me a few weeks ago and I’m thrilled with my choice!)

Here’s to never having a boring dinner date again!



Ps. here are a few options for you to consider if you can’t make it in to one of our stores:

Remote Control Pleasure Panty (Purple)

Connexion Series Ella Neo Interactive Bullet

Connexion Series Alex Neo Interactive Thrusting Masturbator

Connexion Series Phoenix Neo Interactive Bullet