Class: Squirting Truths and Techniques

Posted by Beth Darling on May 12th 2022

Who? YOU!!

What? Zoom class.

When? Apr 17, 2022 07:00 PM CDT

Why? There’s a lot of talk about the topic of “squirting” (aka: female ejaculation) but accurate information is hard to come by. In fact, there are many people that aren’t even sure that it’s real. Rest assured, it is! And better still, squirting isn’t just for porn stars, it’s an equal opportunity pleasure- even for those who’ve never experienced it before.

So, whether you’ve encountered this slippery phenomenon already or have always wanted to, chances are you’ve got questions that need answers. Which is why this month’s class will give you everything you need to know about squirting, how it can make for a great sexy time, and ways you can explore in hopes of creating your own ejaculatory pleasure! Join Beth Darling, Sexy Genius on Tuesday, May 17, 2022 at 7p/ct for a FREE workshop to learn Squirting Truths and Techniques

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