Ask Beth: Why are all the sex toys for women??

Posted by Beth Darling on Aug 1st 2021


Why are all the sex toys for women?? Don’t get me wrong, I’m a married man and happy to buy more vibrators for my wife. We've got more than a few and it’s fun to use them on her. But every once in a while it would be nice to be surprised by her getting something cool to use on me.

Harry S.

Dear Harry,

I get it, it’s easy to get lost in the realm of vibrators for women and not realize how vast the opportunities are these days for male pleasure props.

But I happen to love being a tour guide, and am thrilled to introduce you to some exciting options that are sure to elevate your pleasure to new heights! (Note: Never limit your creativity when it comes to enjoying sexp props. Feel free to enjoy them during solo or partner pleasure as you desire.

Here are a few of what I consider the starters for any man’s “sexy prop closet”:

  • Male masturbators/strokers - Fleshlights were the first to recognize that self pleasure for men shouldn’t have to be limited to their own hand. Now you can find a wide assortment of stroking sensations in all shapes, sizes and prices. Some are powered by a hand (yours or a partner’s), others provide vibrations/suction from a rechargeable battery. Like vibrators, you shouldn’t be limited to only one- each provides different sensations and pleasure and monogamy is never required by a sexy prop!
  • Cock rings - Made from rubber, silicone, leather or metal, a cock ring is a simple but effective way to enhance your hardness by restricting the flow of blood from your erection. (Learn more from my YouTube video, “Why you might want to put a C*** Ring on It”, If you want to give her some extra good vibes, you can get one with an attached mini vibrator designed to engage her clit during vaginal penetration. You can also uplevel with a remote (or even app!) controlled cock ring that you can wear out for an erotic game of “don’t let anyone notice!”.
  • Prostate Massagers- Not only do these offer hands free pleasure, but they also help keep your prostate in good health. In fact the leading manufacturer of high quality prostate massagers, and my personal faves, Aneros, are patented as medical devices. :-) You can enjoy a prostate massager on its own or in combination with other stimulation such as a hand or blow job, or even while penetrating your partner.
  • Sensory Stimulators- Think fur teasers, feather ticklers, floggers, pinwheels, blindfolds, flavored/scented lubes and oils... the list is endless! And provides an abundance of sexy, exciting arousal for all involved.
  • Power Play Props- It’s sexy game-on when one of you is restrained! You don’t have to dive into the deep end of bdsm (unless you want to, of course) but a sex swing, cool collar, handcuffs, bondage tape, nipple clamps, corrective crops, paddles, etc can infuse even very traditional lovemaking sessions into a highly erotic experience.
  • Pegging - Take a chance by creating some non-traditional pleasure and fun together! There's a good reason that this kind of sexy fun is becoming more and more popular- it feels good! You’ll need a good harness, great lube and a small dildo-- after that, it’s all up to you. :-) (Learn more from my YouTube video, “It’s Pegging, not Peggy, lol.” )

I could go on all day about each of the above, but hopefully it’s enough to get you started, lol.

I suggest you show this to your wife, give her your thoughts and invite her to “wow” you anytime! I think she’ll be pleased to know exactly how to turn you on in all sorts of new ways. Of course, let me know how things go or if you have any further questions. I’m rooting for you!

With so many giggles and grins,