Ask Beth: The Pleasure of Clamps

Posted by Beth Darling on Dec 1st 2021

My partner suggested we get some nipple clamps- but I’m afraid of them because I’m not into pain. They think I’d like them because I have very sensitive nipples but I think that’s why I shouldn’t use them. What do you think?


Oh, lucky you, D.R. !

Having sensitive nipples can lead to all sorts of erotic pleasure!

Whether it’s licking, stroking, sucking, pinching, or even just looking at nipples—it’s hard to find someone who doesn’t enjoy nipple action to some degree. And after all, they’re one of our prime erogenous zones, loaded with excitable nerve endings eager for pleasure and attention.

In fact, some people are lucky enough to be able to reach orgasm from nipple stimulation alone! (I’m happily jealous of them!) Of course, other nipples aren’t very responsive- and there’s a huge range in between those extremes, just like with everything else.

But, no matter where on the continuum you fall- I tend to think that exploring nipple clamps is a worthwhile adventure. After all, you might really get into it, or you have a few laughs and move on to something you like more.

Because here’s the thing, despite the harsh name,

“Nipple Clamps” can be fun and don’t have to be painful.

In fact, using them can be just for the pleasure of decorating nipples, or they can be used to intensify sensation without reaching the level of “pain”.

Basically, once you understand how they work, the different styles and learn what you like, you open up a whole new avenue for sexy fun.

What do they do?

Despite their popularity, many people don’t actually understand the point of nipple clamps, which is twofold.

First, nipple clamps (like a pinch) first restrict blood flow to the nipple which causes your brain to pay attention to that area - thus sensation is “heightened”.

But what most people don’t realize is that it’s the release of the clamp that actually causes more of a sensation peak. This happens because the restoration of blood flow to the nipples feels like a rush of and can even create endorphins. (It’s quite similar to how you feel when you move your leg after it has “fallen asleep”.)

The release of the clamps is often what causes “nipplegasms”, and more frequently it can be timed to significantly enhance a “regular” orgasm.

Since there are a variety of different styles of nipple clamps, including adjustable ones, even people who prefer only “gentle” nipple stimulation can find pleasure with some. Obviously those with “fixed” tension, like clothespins, are not suitable for people seeking optional levels of intensity.

So, despite the harshness of the term “clamp”, regardless of your sexual orientation, identity, preferences, or even your political affiliation, and no matter your desired level of sensation, there are suitable nipple clamps for you. Nipple clamps can provide anything from purely aesthetic appeal to significant sensation and orgasm.

The key is to choose the right ones based on your pleasure.

Have fun playing!