Ask Beth: The Benefits of A Little Education

Posted by Beth Darling on Jan 12th 2022

Dear Beth Darling,

Wife and I have been in a LTR with a very vanilla sex life - typically missionary with minimal foreplay. Neither of us had much experience with other partners before getting into our relationship and this has worked for us for a while. But I've recently started to communicate more on my needs and wanting to spice things up. She's been open to it and we have tried a few things but she's still not showing an interest in oral (for either of us) or fingering, etc. Really anything below the neck... I'm thinking maybe we could both benefit from being better taught some of this through some sort of online course. She's not into porn but I think something more professional might help, but I don’t know where to look.


Hi Curtis,

Huge Kudos to you!!! You're so right… great sex isn't natural- It's LEARNED!

I'm excited for your journey and expect that you'll both be better for your willingness to seek expert help. After all, even Serena and Venus Williams needed professional coaches to elevate them from just talented players into champions. So, I don’t usually “pitch” myself here, but I’d be doing you a disservice if I didn’t suggest that you check out my "Learn to Love: Oral and All (a 5 wk Online Course for Women" because from what you’ve said, it’s perfect for your wife. It’s for smart, successful women who want to be great lovers and wives/partners, but haven’t found the education and tools they need yet.

In this class, your wife would learn how to break the blame, shame, guilt, resentment and obligation cycle that exists because she hasn’t been able to give you what you want sexually. (Despite her love for you.) She’ll learn how to get rid of the mean voices in her head that call her a slut if she enjoys sex too much, or is too loud, or is too wild… She’ll learn how to actually love her own body and desires, and to then enjoy giving and receiving pleasure with joy and ease.

In other words, she’ll learn how to love herself and you proudly… which is exactly what should happen in a marriage! And while most of the classes are only for her, she’ll have homeworks that you’ll definitely enjoy also. And, you’ll learn along with her because she’ll have to “teach” you what we covered in class.

Also, the last session is a BONUS session that includes partners- so that’s when you’ll have the chance to ask any questions or discuss any of your concerns that haven’t been addressed yet.

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If you have any more questions about the class, just holler at me! (

I can’t wait to see your wife in Sexy Ed School- it’ll be the beginning of a whole new chapter of love for both of you!