Ask Beth: She's Askin' Me for Good Vibrations

Posted by Beth Darling on Jul 6th 2022

Dear Beth,

My wife has never used a vibrator but has finally agreed to try one, even though she’s scared. The problem is she wants me to pick one for her. I want to make a good choice but there are so many different kinds that I don’t know what to get. What do you suggest? 

Thank you, 

Max W.

Dear Max, 
I’m so excited for y’all! And appreciate that she trusts you enough to make a good decision. 
You’re right that it’s hard to choose because there are so many different styles as well as quality. Now, keep in mind that I suggest everyone have a well stocked “prop closet” full of a variety of pleasure props including different types of vibes. So I’m not even trying to suggest “the perfect” vibe for you, only a great “starter” vibe! 
With that being said, I generally suggest a “wand” style vibe for a “first vibe” because they’re versatile, non phallic, and great for clitoral/external stimulation. I also strongly suggest that it be from a reputable company (not a no-name product from a random overseas factory because they don’t care about what happens once they take your money), it should be rechargeable, and have at least a one year warranty. One of my personal faves because of the portability, quality, and value is:
IMHO, the rechargeable magic wand ( should be a part of everyone’s prop closet sooner or later because it’s beyond powerful and nothing else compares to it. But, it’s not my recommendation for those who are new to vibes because it’s big, clunky and kinda ugly, lol. It’s like a sneaker- it’s not graceful but it’ll take you where you want to go!
I’m excited for y’all and because I want you both to have a great time exploring with your new pleasure prop, check out this month’s Tantalizing Talks, for advice on how to use and enjoy it. 
Wishing you tons of love and laughter,