Ask Beth: Sexy Skivvies are for Men, Too!

Posted by Beth Darling on Sep 1st 2021

Dear Beth,

I’m a single, straight man, 43 y/o and I like to dress well and look sharp, just like the women I date care about what they wear. Over the years I’ve bought lots of lingerie for girlfriends, but not one of them has bought me any sexy underwear, unless you think silly Santa boxers count. Would you please tell women that just because we’re guys doesn’t mean we wouldn’t enjoy getting some hot looking underwear that they want to take off us? I have some gay friends and they’re constantly getting each other stuff and while their style is very different than mine, I’d think there’s got to be some cool stuff for us hetero guys too, right? Am I the only straight guy who feels this way?

Tom R.

Hey Tom!

You are absolutely not the only guy who wants to be underwear appreciated, lol.

After all, regardless of gender, what we put on our body affects the way we feel. Whether it’s practical or erotic, everything has a “vibe”. And while it’s fun to put on sexy things that we’ve picked for ourselves, there’s a different kind of thrill when we put something on knowing that someone else has chosen it for us. We know that they’ve imagined us wearing it, and they liked it. We can almost feel their anticipation for the big reveal, and that increases our own excitement. It also gives us a bit of a thrill that we can “hide” it, to tease them. Heee-heee-hee! We can get hot knowing we are what they want and “wrapped up” like a present for them just like they want. How would that not make anyone feel sexy and desirable? Frankly, whether you’re a man, woman or non-binary, I’m pretty sure being wanted is one of the best turn ons ever.

So, heads up women… don’t take your man for granted. If you want gifts of sexy wearables, give as good as you get, please. (And just to be clear, silly Santa boxers are not sexy.)

Here’s hoping you are showered in sexy undies soon, Tom. I’ll keep spreading the word!