Beth Darling, Sexy Genius!

Please meet our Sexy Genius, Beth Darling. She’s delightful and invigorating in the same measure and her buzzsaw vigor will inspire your most intimate fantasies. She’s a wonderful source of amusement and amazement for Sara’s Secret and our entire community.

Beth is a relationship expert having been a divorce lawyer for many years. So rather than seeing good people put their worst foot forward, she switched sides and now helps good people put their sexiest foot forward. She’ll flood your imagination like a one-woman Mississippi by teaching you how to love yourself and your partner – emotionally and physically.

Beth’s explosively rich videos, from the enchantingly diabolical to the whimsically romantic, will be featured every month as she helps you explore your passions with a joyful smile and erotic exuberance. You are invited to read her award-winning book, “Love and Laughter: Sexy (Meaningful) Fun for Everyone.” It’s available on Amazon. And don’t forget to watch “Beth’s Bed Talks” on the DarlingWay YouTube video series. Beth is available to be your personal teacher and coach, by emailing her at

- Sara