Body language is described as non-verbal communication.  This can include facial expressions and eye behavior.  Gestures and posture is also part of body language.  Your body can also express emotions, feelings and attitudes.  Your body language can contradict the messages of spoken language.  Sexpressions Positioning Yourself for Action is a key factor in attracting attention.  Being aware of the subtle cues people give us when they don’t even realize it.

Where you position yourself has alot to do with your observation point.  It also has alot to do with how well you can be noticed.

Sexpressions – Positioning Yourself for Action:  Close Up (Face to Face)

You are on a date and seated across the table from one another.  You notice a slight flare of her nostrils as you lean in to tell her something.  As you continue your dialogue, you see his pupils dilate.  This vantage point is particularly advantageous to notice the small cues his body is giving off that even he is unaware of.

For a woman, you may notice her touch her face – even twirl her hair.  A man might tuck a woman’s hair behind her ear.  Other things that are sexpressions include:  lip biting, going from eye contact to looking at someone’s lips,

The face to face position can tell you a tremendous amount about the level of one’s attraction to you even before they know it themselves.  Your body does not lie.  When you begin to notice these simple yet subtle things, you have the upper hand!  Proceed with caution because he may be discovering your level of attraction to him too!

Across the Room

Observing someone from across the room has its advantages and disadvantages.  Obviously, this is where you want to be when you need more information about someone.  Are they single?  Do they carry themselves with confidence?  Are the fully engaged in what they are doing?  Do they seem distracted?

This can also help you in determining whether you actually want to approach this person or not.  You can begin to read their body language based on conversations, interactions and what they do when they think no one is looking.

Next to Each Other

Sitting next to someone is also one of the best ways to read body language.  This is a good one to observe in couples who are with each other in public.  How are they sitting?  Next to each other or across the table?  Do they lean in when the other one is speaking?  Are their shoulders, bodies or legs touching?  Do they look comfortable together?

The next time you have an opportunity to sit next to someone that attracts you, begin to observe what they do.  Do they move closer to you?  Do they get in your “space bubble“?  Are they moving to touch your shoulders? arms? thighs?

And, as always, practice, practice, pratice!!!

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Up Next Week:  Practicing Your Signature Move

See you at an upcoming event!

Anticipating Next Time,
Amy Jones

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