Practicing your signature move is an exciting step in discovering your body language.  Body language is described as non-verbal communication.  This can include facial expressions and eye behavior.  Gestures and posture is also part of body language.  Your body can also express emotions, feelings and attitudes.  Your body language can contradict the messages of spoken language.

Practicing Your Signature Move:

The Golden Triangle

I love this move.  This is the one where you look from one eye to the other then trace down to the mouth.  This creates the Golden Triagle Effect and is incredibly sexy.  By dragging your eyes from their eyes to their mouth, you can linger on the mouth giving the “I’m ready to be kissed” signal!

The Hip Thrust

Both men and women use the hip thrust signal.  Men can use this signal towards other men in an “Alpha Male” power play.  When faced with a woman of interest, a man may place his hands on his hips as if to gesture to his genitals to gain attention to this area.

Women use their hips to gain attention as well.  The range of motion can be quite exhilirating and has many different meanings from “I’m fertile” to “I’m sexy” to “I’m attracted to you”.  In past times, wide hips were an indication of healthy child bearing.  Each generation and culture has their own interpretation of what is attractive in the structure of a woman’s hips.

The Figure 8

This is a more difficult move however once you have mastered it, it will be unforgettable! This is taken from a belly dancing move .   If you joined us at our Sexpressions Event on October, we practiced this move to have a better understanding of how powerful it is!

The Backwards Glance

This is one of the oldest body language moves ever.  There was an old song entitled, “I was looking back to see if you were looking back at me”.  The name of this song is exactly what this move is all about.

For this move, I encourage to you practice this in a full length mirror to get the right amount of steps down before you look backwards.  There is a certain amount of anticipation that makes this move provocative.  Interestingly, women do this move more than men (so you may try observing this first).  It is a fun and flirty move for women.  When men do it, it is more of a power play than anything else.

And, as always, practice, practice, pratice!!!

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Anticipating Next Time,
Amy Jones

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