Let’s shake things up a little this month….

Ever been curious what it’s like to be taken advantage of by someone with power? Maybe you’ve always admired someone’s confidence and “in charge” persona.

Let’s discuss these things with your partner! Maybe even role play a little? Set the stage by setting up that desk and chair. (Or table, or bed! Use your IMAGINATION!) Have your partner sit behind the “desk” and call you into their “office.”

You’ve been purposely bending over a little too long and far… You’ve started leaving more buttons open on your shirt… And the boss has noticed. 

You stand, awaiting your punishment. Your partner asks you to come before them behind the “desk” and you comply. At this point the “boss” should explain all the bad things you’ve done under their leadership.

Screen Shot 2018-02-02 at 5.57.37 PM

Your “boss” begins to slip up your skirt, or unbutton your pants. You are bent over the desk and requested to stay still. Your partner runs their hand up and down your thighs, as you begin to shiver for more. They slide their hand over to the drawer that contains that new paddle you recently bought from Sara’s Secret or Condoms To Go, and they give you a light swat on the rear for being so naughty… Just hard enough so that as they rub their hand over the spot on your bum it tingles and feels pleasurable.

Get your delinquent seated in the bosses chair, and pull out the cuffs from the “Beginners Bondage Fantasy Kit” you also purchased. Continue their punishment by cuffing their wrists and ankles. Continue to caress and tease until you both can’t take it any longer. Don’t be afraid to remain in the chair to get down and dirty or bring it back to the “desk.”