Nurse Your Relationship

It’s a brand new year, meaning we should start investing in trying brand new things.

While everyone else is dealing with nursing their cold and flu away this season, why not instead nurse your relationship to be the happiest, healthiest version it could be? Maybe fight off that fever… The fever for lovin’!

Stop into any of our Sara’s Secret or Condoms To Go locations today and pick yourself up a naughty nurses outfit for the bedroom.

While you’re at it, why not create a whole fantasy?


Just imagine… After visiting one of our shops and getting your goodies… You getting yourself all dressed up for a night of nursing your lover. You put on your smell goods, glide that “ravishing red” lipstick across your lips, and put on those heels for extra flirty fun.

You prepare your play area with the plushy red blindfold, the massage oil that doubles as lubricant, and your favorite (or soon to be favorite!) vibe you’ve just picked up from the store.

Screen Shot 2018-01-05 at 5.27.01 PM

Call in your patient and show them your best bedside manner. Whisper in their ear you’re about to nurse their fever for passion. Start by putting the blindfold on your lover… (This is to heighten sensation.) Have them lie back, and slowly drip the massage oil along their body… As you rub it in and begin sensually massaging your partner, watch as their skin flushes, and the goose bumps rise in anticipation… As the heat rises, grab your vibe and add to the fun! Where the fun goes from there is all up to you…


Now that’s how you cure a fever.

Check back February 2nd for our next edition of “First Friday Fantasies.”