A Question for Mistress Montana


Do you find yourself thinking about or missing any of your clients after they leave?


I do! I have been a professional dominatrix for 29yrs, so I have many many clients that have seen me for 25+ years. I have heard about their children, family, friends, wife, work, etc for so many years that I find myself wondering if their daughter got the Ivy League scholarship she coveted, If their mother is recovering well from her stroke, and so on. I have an extremely high customer return rate. So after such a long time of seeing the same clients, you find yourself crossing over to the place where you no longer see them as clients. I now count a huge portion of my clientele, not only as clients but also as friends that I truly care about. We discuss legal cases they are trying in court, stocks I should purchase, new office openings, restaurants, nightclubs and so on. I’m sure this is no different than conversations that you have with your friends. The only difference is we share a common bond of dominatrix/slave.



Mistress Montana