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Hot Octopuss Pulse Solo Essential

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Hot Octopuss Pulse Solo Essential

The Hot Octopuss Pulse Solo Essential is a revolutionary toy, a vibrator that uses a unique oscillating PulsePlate to stimulate the penis. The Pulse is designed to deliver a unique and powerful orgasm, whether or not you have an erection.


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As a solo toy, Pulse can be used in two ways. First, when used with lubricant the Pulse becomes a revolutionary next-generation masturbator. The Pulse can be slid up and down along the length of the shaft, delivering pulsating pleasure with each stroke. Alternatively, the Pulse can be used lubricant-free as a static (non-moving) stimulator. In this case the PulsePlate is designed to provide a throbby stimulation directly to the frenulum (the underside of the head of the penis). This stimulation can produce an orgasm quite unlike more traditional methods of masturbation. An added advantage of the Pulse design is that an erection is not necessary to use it. On the one hand this allows the user to enjoy the sensation of being made hard but on the other it offers amazing possibilities for people who suffer from erectile dysfunction (ED). Pulse’s surface is coated in a matte silicone, and the silicone “wings” that wrap around the shaft are flexible to accommodate different widths.  The back is made of ABS plastic. Pulse is rechargeable via the included USB cable. With a separate on-off/function button and up/down intensity buttons, the Pulse Solo Essential is easy to control. 9 Speed oscillator, 5 vibration modes with adjustable frequency. Measures 4.61″ x 2.64″ x 2.83″. Battery: Li-ion 3.7V 420mAh Charging: 3 hours charge time for up to 1 hour of use.

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