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Fun Flavors 4 In 1 Poppin Cherry Warming Lubricant

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Fun Flavors 4 In 1 Poppin Cherry Warming Lubricant

Bring that cherry pie to bed with you when you enjoy a bottle of Wet Cherry flavored warming lubricant.


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  • Cherry Flavored Lube: Experience the sweet taste of cherries with our water based fruit flavored lube. It’s perfect for adding a little fun to your night.
  • Warming Lubricant: The level of sensation will depend on the amount of moisture in your skin. You can add to the warming sensation by spreading a thin layer of Fun Flavors on the skin and breathing on it. The moisture in your breath will intensify the warming sensation.
  • Sugar Free & Stain Free: Though naturally sweet, Wet Fun Flavors contain no sugar and they are clear and contain no dyes. They will not stain sheets and can be rinsed away with water.
  • Great for Massages: Wet Fun Flavors provide sensations that make them a great lubricant for sensual massages.

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