Holiday season is upon us.  The one thing we ALWAYS fail to achieve is Self Care.  On behalf of the Sara’s Secret and Condoms to Go staff, I am cordially inviting you to “Holiday Season Self Care Begins NOW”!

Have you noticed that ALL the Christmas decorations were out even before we were finished with Halloween?  It seems that the end of the year creeps up on us faster and faster.  We barely get through Halloween before its Thanksgiving.  We squeeze past Thanksgiving and go full throttle into the Christmas season and how does it make us feel?


I am going to highlight some self care products that I adore!  All these products are available at both Sara’s Secret and Condoms to Go.  When you need a relaxing time for your self or even for your loved one, make a list and include at least one of the following:

Gel N Bath

Gel N Bath is described as an “in-home spa experience”.  This video will show you the product, how to use it and the benefits of this wonderful product.  A sensual, relaxing and enjoyable event in the privacy of your own home!  Holiday Season Self Care Begins NOW!

Kama Sutra Massage Oil

I use massage oil every time I get out of the shower.  Kama Sutra Massage Oil is one of my favorites.  The earthy smell of the essential oils combined with warm skin is a plus!  Holiday Season Self Care Begins NOW!

Kama Sutra Pure Heart Gift Set

Gorgeous, white heart shaped gift set includes sensual body treats for lovers. Perfect for Valentine’s Day, anniversaries, bridal showers, weddings, honeymoons or just because.  Contents: Vanilla Creme – kissable body oil and body cream. Honeysuckle – kissable body powder & feather tickler for application. Sensual blend of oils for romantic massage.  Delicious flavors and alluring scents in an unforgettable keepsake heart box!  Holiday Season Self Care Begins NOW!

Please join us at our December 4th Event – Making a List, Checking it Twice?
9 Ways to Stay Connected During the Holidays

The holiday season can make ALL of us feel stressed. We try to combine everything we have to do with everything we want to do into a normal day.  Then we end up exhausted, frustrated, disappointed and even sad.

Holidays are a time when we reminisce on those who can’t be with us.  Holidays are supposed to be a happy time, filled with love, laughter and joy.  We may feel depressed, anxious and even a bit melancholy and don’t know why.

We will have an engaging conversation about how to stay connected during the holidays.  Along with Special Guest Darlene Owen, Luxury Life Style Maven, we will create a magical map to help you outline priorities.  Defining what it means to be true to yourself and how to have a more enjoyable holiday experience.

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Anticipating Next Time,
Amy Jones

P.S. Check out some great new products here or visit one of your local Sara’s Secret or Condoms to Go stores for personal service!