Sexpressions Determing Go vs No is the last post in this series of body language.  Body language is described as non-verbal communication.  This can include facial expressions and eye behavior.  Gestures and posture is also part of body language.  Your body can also express emotions, feelings and attitudes.  Your body language can contradict the messages of spoken language.

Determining Go vs No:

Head Gestures with Verbal Cues

Have you ever spoken to someone and what they were saying didn’t match their head gesture?  Here’s an example:  You ask a potential love match if they’ve ever been married.  They say “no” while nodding their head.  Their actions do not match their words.  This, obviously is a red flag – determining “go” vs “no”.

The head can give us a huge amount of data in regards to body language.  So much so, that, if we did not have anything else, the head could be the precipitating factor for a “go” or a “no”.

Facial cues also give us a wide range of signals from color to emotions to expressions to even the moisture content produced by sweating.

Put on the Brakes!

Body language can also reflect when someone is uncomfortable.  Different people exhibit discomfort different ways so you will have to get to know someone somewhat before determining their level of discomfort.

Taking one step back or even backing away is a huge sign to slow down.  Women may also put a hand up as if to say “stop”.  Men may cross their arms (especially in a dramatic gesture) to protect their body. There are even times when people can be so oblivious to body language signals, they continue to do the same thing not realizing it is a turn off!

A word of advice:  get out of your head and into your body to correctly interpret body language signals!

Proceed with Caution


And, as always, practice, practice, pratice!!!

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