Body language is described as non-verbal communication.  This can include facial expressions and eye behavior.  Gestures and posture is also part of body language.  Your body can also express emotions, feelings and attitudes.  Your body language can contradict the messages of spoken language.

In the next four posts, I will talk about Sexpressions – Body Language Signals that Exhibit Desire.  The areas we will cover include:  Behavior Revealing Attraction, Positioning Yourself for Action, Practicing Your Signature Move and Identifying a “Go” vs a “No”.  This week:  Behavior Revealing Attraction.

The next time you are out, observe what you see.  Do you notice any behavior that reveals attraction? When people are talking, do they lean into each other?  Or away from each other?  Is the woman twirling her hair?  Is the man standing with his feet apart?

Body Language Signals that Exhibit Desire:  Posture

There are times when body language, especially posture, does not correctly relay the signals we interpret.  We may interpret slouching as uninterested.  We may think that shoulders down means sad.

What is important about posture in an attraction scenario is this:  is your love interest leaning into you?  or away from you?  Are they relaxed with their feet pointed your way?  Or do they seem a bit uptight and “closed”?

Posture is even important for your online dating profile photos!

The way we stand, walk and even enter a room speaks volumes about us.  We can exude confidence by our posture and can attract attention and love interests by this one simple thing.

Body Language Signals that Exhibit Desire:  Subtle Cues

Subtle clues are ever so slight.  You really have to pay attention to see them.  They may seem insignificant however once you learn what they are, they will forever change the game.

Here are some of the subtle cues of attraction:
Dilated pupils
Men’s nostrils flare ever so slightly
Women tend to touch their face or their hair
Men tend to touch their chin or their lips

And then the subtle cues of just the opposite:
Women will hold their purse in front of them
Men will stand away
Women tend to fidget or be distracted
Men will close their arms around themselves

Yes, learning subtle cues is a game changer.  But you have to practice, practice, practice.  The best way to practice is to get in the habit of being an observer.  Watch people, how they interact, what their body language is saying and if you can get close enough, listen to what they say.  Do their words match their body language?

A tremendous amount can be learned from body language.  Body language can be used in dating, business, communication and many other ways.  Body language is one of the keys in connecting with people and creating a relationship with them.

Here are a few articles that cover a variety of body language signals (to help you start practicing!):

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Up Next Week:  Positioning Yourself for Action

See you at an upcoming event!

Anticipating Next Time,
Amy Jones

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