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Ask Beth: She's Askin' Me for Good Vibrations

Posted by Beth Darling on Jul 7th 2022

Dear Beth, My wife has never used a vibrator but has finally agreed to try one, even though she’s scared. The problem is she wants me to pick one for her. I want to make a good choice but there … read more

Ask Beth: Don't Judge a Book by Its Cover

Posted by Beth Darling on Jun 8th 2022

Dear Beth,Last week I came home from work early one day and found my husband having lunch in our kitchen dressed in one of my fancy nightgowns and stockings. I freaked out, obviously. He changed clot … read more

Ask Beth: Breakup Sex???

Posted by Beth Darling on Jun 8th 2022

After 8 years together, my girlfriend and I split up a few months ago. We weren’t having big fights or anything, we just were constantly irritated with each other and bickering daily. Our sex life … read more

Class: Squirting Truths and Techniques

Posted by Beth Darling on May 12th 2022

Who? YOU!!What? Zoom class.When? Apr 17, 2022 07:00 PM CDTWhy? There’s a lot of talk about the topic of “squirting” (aka: female ejaculation) but accurate information is hard to come by. In fact … read more