Our Secrets

Sexy Education

Posted by Beth Darling on Nov 23rd 2022

Dear Beth, My husband is a great guy and we are very happy together. He comes from a religious family and even after 16 years together, there are some big hangups about sex. He knows I have a … read more

Emotional Intimacy

Posted by Beth Darling on Nov 17th 2022

Dear Beth, I’ve heard you talk about your 5 Kinds of Intimacy, but how do I know if we have emotional intimacy in our marriage? Thanks for clarifying. Rachel J. Great question, Rachel! If you’ … read more

Read My Mind

Posted by Beth Darling on Nov 11th 2022

Dear Beth, I’m about to lose it! My wife is furious at me for wanting sex because she said I should have known that she was exhausted. Last week she chewed me up just for asking her if we could s … read more

Loving All of Me

Posted by Beth Darling on Oct 20th 2022

Dear Beth, I’m in my early 40’s and have been married to my husband for five years. We’re pretty happy together and have had a good sex life. Lately things are changing. He’s always struggle … read more

Record or Not: That is the Question

Posted by Beth Darling on Aug 4th 2022

Question:  My boyfriend wants us to make a sex tape and thinks I’m being a prude because I don’t. He says it’s not a big deal and everyone makes them these days- is that true? ~ Laura An … read more

Ask Beth: Take Routine Out of Sex

Posted by Beth Darling on Jul 14th 2022

Dear Beth, I’ve been married for 16 years and love my husband, but am frustrated because even though we have all sorts of vibrators, our sex life is still not great. My friends think I’m crazy fo … read more