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Ask Beth: Breakup Sex???

Posted by Beth Darling on Jun 8th 2022

After 8 years together, my girlfriend and I split up a few months ago. We weren’t having big fights or anything, we just were constantly irritated with each other and bickering daily. Our sex life … read more

Ask Beth: Nobody Does it Better

Posted by Beth Darling on Apr 29th 2022

Dear Beth,  I orgasm by myself but haven't ever with a partner, including my current bf. We’ve been together for almost a year, but he’s still upset that he can’t “make me come” and … read more

Ask Beth: Too Depressed 4 Sex

Posted by Beth Darling on Apr 14th 2022

Dear Beth, I’ve suffered from periodic depression since I was young, but don’t take medication. The past few weeks have been tough for me and I haven’t been in the mood for sex at all. Last n … read more

Ask Beth: Red Tide Rad Ride

Posted by Beth Darling on Apr 14th 2022

Beth, My GF has really long periods and never wants to have sex during them. She thinks I’m crazy because I don’t care if it’s messy, I just want to have sex with her. Is this normal? Tim … read more

Ask Beth: Don't you want me, baby?

Posted by Beth Darling on Mar 25th 2022

Dear Beth Darling, I love my wife and know that she loves me, but I’m tired of always being the one to initiate sex. Even though she usually agrees when I bring it up and enjoys it when we … read more

Ask Beth: Why won't he go down?

Posted by Beth Darling on Mar 11th 2022

Dear Beth Darling, My boyfriend of 6 months won’t go down on me even though I go down on him a lot. I’ve asked if there’s something I should do, like shower right before or shave, but he just s … read more