This is the last post in a three-part series from Sara’s Secret and Condoms to Go Exclusive Event on September 25th entitled “Aphrodisiacs”.  Each week I will dive deep into specific subtopics for more detailed information and resources.  This week:  Aphrodisiacs – Creating the Experience

This week is the FUN part of Aphrodisiacs Create Your Experience.  You get to choose one item from each category to create your own EXPERIENCE!!! Experiment with a few to take you to the next level!!!

Aphrodisiacs:  Delicious Tastes & Sensual Scents (Choose One)

Dona Body Topping – Maple Sugar.
Dona Massage Butter – Sassy (Tropical Tease).
JO Gelato – Mint Chocolate, Salted Caramel and Tiramisu.
Kama Sutra Brand.
Honey Dust – Sweet Honeysuckle or Chocolate Caress.
Divine Nectars – Raspberry Lime.
Body Soufflé – Chocolate Crème Brulee or Cool Mint Crème.
Body Boudoir – Mystique Body Mist.
Doc Johnson – Good Head Strawberry.

Aphrodisiacs:  Provocative Caresses (Choose One)

Kama Sutra Massage Oil Candle – Mediterranean Almond.
Hemp Seed Massage Oil – Moroccan Nights.
Sex & Mischief – Feather Tickler.
Pipedream Furry Cuffs – Red.
Bijou – Silky Handcuffs.
Leather Crop – Red.
Pipe Dream – Icicles Hand Blown Massager.

Aphrodisiacs:  Passionate Sounds (Choose One)

Sex & Mischief – Leather Paddle.
Sola Jett – Vibrator.
Sola Pip – Bullet Vibrator.
Master Series – Wartenburg Wheel.
Sex & Mischief – Beaded Flogger.
Sex & Mischief – Heart Studded Crop.
Screaming O – Pop Vibe.

Aphrodisiacs:  Seductive Visions (Choose One)

Sex & Mischief – Bondage Tape in Red or Black.
Lingerie – Select a panty, stockings or body stockings.
Sport Sheets – Under Bed Restraints.
Bijoux – Mini Pasties.
Jewel – Anal Plug.
Calexotics – Over the Door Cross.
Escante’ Collection – Garter (Red).
LapDance – Single Lady Mini Dress.

Sara’s Secret & Condoms to Go also carries Calexotics Kits.  Pre-made kits that contain a variety of products:  Date Night Kit and Sensual Kit.

As well as a selection of herbal enhancements for both men and women including:
Blue Wolf Oral Tablets.
G Female Oral Tablets.

Now you have the recipe to create your own Aphrodisiac experience. Sara’s Secret and Condoms to Go can help you select the right products for you to create an enhanced, memorable and pleasurable evening!

Just for fun:
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Up next week:

Sexpressions – Body Language Signals that Exhibit Desire
Body language is non-verbal communication.  Facial expressions, eye behavior, gestures and posture.  Body language expresses emotions, feelings and attitudes.  It can contradict the messages of spoken language.  The next series will explore decoding body language and how to use it to your advantage.

See you here next week or at an upcoming event.  If you have an event topic you would like to share, please let us know!

Anticipating Next Time,
Amy Jones