This is the second post in a three-part series from the Sara’s Secret and Condoms to Go Exclusive Event on September 25th entitled “Aphrodisiacs”.  Each week I will dive deep into specific subtopics for more detailed information and resources.   This week:  Aphrodisiacs – Caresses, Sounds & Visions

Aphrodisiacs – Spark Arousal & Boost Pleasure for All 5 Senses
Delicious Tastes, Sensual Scents, Provocative Caresses, Passionate Sounds, Seductive Visions 

Provocative Caresses, Passionate Sounds & Seductive Visions 

Remember, we are going to create an entire experience to spark arousal and boost pleasure for all 5 senses in the third part of this series so keep reading!

Vision, touch and sound are all closely related.  When you see something you like, you may give a sound of approval.  When you are touched in just the right way, you may moan in pleasure.  It is difficult to only experience one sense without experiencing another, especially when it comes to touch, sight and sound.  Here are some interesting facts about these senses.

Touch Facts:

Stimulates the brain to release chemicals such as dopamine, endorphins & oxytocin
Can affect our well-being (including lowering blood pressure & heart rate)
CRUCIAL to survival
Emotional touch creates a connection through social bonding (with a friend, family or a partner)

Touch affects everything we do (yes, everything).  Think about it – can you go through even a short period in your daily routine without touching anything?  And what about when our sense of touch is off? Haven’t you ever gotten super glue on your finger and it distorted your sense of touch?

And because touch is so important in our day to day life, it is just as important in our romantic life as well.  Think about these products and how they could improve your daily rituals:

Massage Candle – the heat from the candle melts the soy base into a sultry massage oil.
Kama Sutra has several scents with a popular one being Mediterranean Almond.
Hemp Seed provides an earthy fragrance along with natural oils.
Sex & Mischief is a wonderful line of products that have different textures (feathers, leather paddle, cold metal, silky and fur for example).

Sight Facts:

Seeing requires half of your brain
Seeing is the most dominant sense
A woman’s face may appear more attractive during the fertile point in her cycle
Sight is the FIRST component in attraction

Because seeing requires half of your brain, it is no wonder that it is the FIRST component of attraction!  You’ve heard about “love at first sight” and “instant chemistry”.  Seeing a delicious vision of our partner can get our juices flowing instantaneously!

Take a look at what participants thought were sexy sights:
Sex & Mischief – Bondage Tape in Red or Black (I’ve confirmed with a host of store managers and employees that RED is the sexiest color for EVERYTHING.)
Lingerie – in a variety of colors and styles from panties to stockings to body stockings
Sport Sheets – Under Bed Restraints (one of my ALL-TIME favorites!)

Sound Facts:

Considered the most important sense
The tone & pitch of your is considered to be an attraction factor
The emotional & mental state of someone can be gauged from the sound of their voice
A lower pitch indicates physiological arousal

We can identify sounds of love, sounds of desire and sounds of sex and even sounds of lust.  There is distinct difference ranging from the sequence, the tone, the pitch even combining our breathing with sounds.  Certain sounds can evoke memories, create visuals and beckon us to push ourselves a little further out of curiosity.

Try these sounds on for size:

Cracking of a whip or smacking of a paddle
Velcro on a wrist or ankle cuff
The buzz from electro play

The last post will include a complete experience created from the highlighted products!

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Up next week: 

We will create an entire sensory experience for you with the products featured in this week’s and last week’s post!

See you here next week or at an upcoming event.  If you have an event topic you would like to share, please let us know!

Anticipating Next Time,
Amy Jones

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