4 in 1 Rechargeable Couples Pump Kit - Twister - Purple

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Introducing the Shots Twister – 4 in 1 Rechargeable Couples Pump Kit in a mesmerizing shade of Purple. Get ready to unleash the ultimate pleasure powerhouse that will take your intimate moments to new heights.

This versatile kit is designed to satisfy all your desires with its innovative 4 – in – 1 functionality. Let’s dive into the captivating features that make this pump kit a must – have for couples seeking thrilling experiences:

Pump up the volume: Experience mind – blowing sensations as you indulge in the unique pumping action of this kit. It includes a base, dildo, clitoris cup, breast cup, and p*nis tube, providing you with endless possibilities for pleasure.

Customizable suction strength: With four different suction strengths to choose from, you can tailor the intensity to your liking. Explore gentle caresses or powerful pulsations, all at the touch of a button.

Sensational vibrations: Take your pleasure to the next level with the seven different vibration modes offered by this kit. Discover a world of pulsating patterns and tantalizing rhythms that will leave you breathless.

Rechargeable and long – lasting: The base of the kit is USB rechargeable, ensuring that you never run out of power when you need it most. With a battery life of up to 120 minutes, you can indulge in extended pleasure sessions without interruption.

Dive into the depths: Thanks to its waterproof design, this pump kit is perfect for exploring aquatic adventures. Whether you’re enjoying a steamy shower or a relaxing bath, the Shots Twister will be your trusted companion.

Body – safe and phthalate – free: Your safety and well – being are of utmost importance. Rest assured that this pump kit is made from high – quality materials that are free from harmful substances, allowing you to focus solely on your pleasure.